Deck Railing Built

August 12, 2010

I was able to spend the last few days that I had off building the deck railings. They turned out great! Now I just have to find some time to waterproof it before winter. Other then that we are still working on unpacking everything. My question is, where did we get all this junk?

Moving Day!

August 8, 2010

WOW what a day. We spent most of the day loading up the moving truck. We made one trip and was able to get most of the big items moved and unloaded. All that is left in the apartment is a bunch of small items, it should only take a few trips in my truck.

Once we get everything out of the apartment we have the chore of cleaning and repainting it. Also good news, when we showed up at the house today, Comcast was there hooking up our cable! We can watch tv tonight!!

Adair Open House

August 7, 2010

Adair had their open house today. As an incentive for allowing them to show off the house, they cleaned it from top to bottom for us. I think it was a good deal because boy was it dirty and dusty!

Both of us had to work so we couldn’t make it out there while the open house was going on, however It sounds like they had several people show up. Hopefully those that did stop by liked all of the aspects of our house and I hope that we helped Adair make a sale or two. Tomorrow is the big moving day! We both took it off from work and I will be picking up the moving truck early tomorrow morning. We are thinking that we should be able to fit all the big stuff in the truck and make one trip. Well off to bed, tomorrow is going to be a big day!

Few people at the open house.

We got the Certificate of Occupancy in the mail today! Its official, we hold it in our hand, the house is DONE! Now we can submit it to the IRS so we can get the $8000 tax credit!

Justin and I spent the weekend finishing up the deck by putting the cedar lumber on the top. It turned out to be a lot of work, however it was much easier then the damn retaining wall. I think it turned out perfect. We only need to add the railings and stain it but that can wait until we are all moved in.

Yesterday I called for the final inspection since we got all of the missing items taken care of. The inspector (Jim) showed up right at 8AM, he checked on the few items he noted last week. Everything looked good to him. He signed us off and congratulated us and said it turned out great.

I will take a moment here to say; everyone at the City of Albany Building Department was awesome to work with. They were incredibly helpful and responded quickly to any question I had. I think I emailed them about 30 times during the course of this project with simple questions about the requirements for the deck, retaining wall, driveway and our low voltage wiring. Each reply was friendly and contained all the information I needed. Thank you Jim Alexander, Ray McGinty and Randy Peppers, you looked over every detail of this job and made sure nothing was missed.


Deck is done!

The sign we needed to put on the water main.

Driveway Done

August 2, 2010

Two days ago Mid Valley Gravel came back and spent the day cleaning up the driveway so it could be paved. They laid several more truck loads of gravel and really compacted it down. The surface was so smooth when they were done.

Here is another example of the great work Mid Valley Gravel did. They installed cast iron covers over the sewer clean outs and also added extra gravel to the parking area next to the garage because they thought it would look better that way. They went out of their way and did more then expected to assure that the final product would look good.

Today Holderman Paving laid the asphalt for our driveway. It took them less then a day and it turned out wonderful, it’s nice and shiny and black! It adds a finished touch to front of the house.

Driveway Done!

Driveway looking towards the garage.

This morning I was out at the house finishing up some clean up and getting ready for the building inspection next week. We still have to put the top on the deck and pave the driveway before we can have the final inspection. To my surprise, the building inspector, Jim Alexander, showed up shortly after I got there. Apparently Adair called for the final inspection early so they can fix anything that was not up to par before the open house they had planed.

The inspector did a quick walk through and listed off the few items that we had to finish.

What we have left:

  • Pave driveway
  • Finish deck
  • Build a step going from the garage to the house because the garage floor is more then 8 inches from the inside floor.
  • Build a landing outside of the garage man door so you don’t step in the mud.
  • Get a placard that says the house has a fire sprinkler system installed and post it on the main water turn off valve.